In June 2015 we opened the doors of our studio with the idea of bringing the artistic language of ceramics to all who want to experience it.

Since then we have been incorporating in our team resident artists from various parts of the world that has given us a different and enriching point of view, an inspiration for our work.

At the same time, our number of students are increasing everyday, bringing together personalities that, although different, have a few features in common: appreciation for the handmade object, enthusiasm for the clay versatility, curiosity of explorers, the sensitivity of a creator, and the perseverance of a scientist.

At 137º Artistic Studio we train, support and strengthen artists.

Beauty is the order and harmony of the universe. It is the irrational law that rules over us, from our DNA to our thoughts.
When we are born, the sense of beauty is born with us too.

Struggling to find the logic of beauty, ancient thinkers tried to explain it mathematically, and that’s how they discovered the existence of a ratio, which they called Golden.

137,5º is the golden angle, discovered by Fibonacci, and we can recognize it in many of nature’s geometries, such as: the provision of sunflower seeds, or in the leaves of each stem, the flowers’ petals, the branches of a tree, etc.

That is why we chose this name, because it helps us to keep present one of our deepest convictions: creating and generating beauty is more than a gift, it is our inner nature.

Dalia Sofronie / Creative Founder


I am a romanian artist based in Barcelona since 2008.

I hold a degree in Decorative Arts (Targu-Mures) and Advertising Design (Cluj-Napoca). I worked for 11 years as an Art Director in various advertising agencies of international renown.

My work in advertising pushed me to the limits of creative thinking, and allowed me to delve into the complex mechanisms of communication and direct my thoughts towards a specific concept.

Today I apply these skills and abilities in my artwork. For the last 6 years I have dedicated myself exclusively to ceramics.

I have worked as a teacher of hand building and sculpture classes in the international ceramics hub ‘El Torn Barcelona’ for 5 years.

Now I put all my resources and knowledge in the 137º project, a creative space dedicated to the artistic empowerment of all its participants.

Manuel Estévez / Creative Manager

manuel-estevez-137-degreesI have been involved in ceramics for the last 23 years. I learned and developed my artistic knowledge mostly on the island of Ireland where I lived for more than a decade.

There I was lucky to be able to collaborate with artists such as Brian Macgee, Rob D’eath, Sinead Fagan, the nuns of Kylemore Abbey, as well as other small countryside potteries.

Since 2012 I am based in Barcelona where I create my own work and teach different types of workshops to adults and kids.