Ceramic Studio Facilities

Our ceramic studio facilities offers everything you need to work at ease: electric kilns, potters wheels, slab roller machine, spray booth, glazing gun and compressor.


The ceramic facilities are distributed in points of easy access throughout the studio.


We are at street level, in a 300 m2 local divided between work area for artists, 10m of exhibition area, rest area, space for classes, kitchen and toilet.

The work area for artists occupies more than 100 m2 at the entrance. In this way the ceramisists enjoy the advantages of having natural light throughout the day. This area is separated from the classroom area by a hallway in which the shelves assigned to the artists are stored. These are spacious (they have 5 levels – 2 m high x 2.30 m wide x 0.70 m deep – each) and quite resistant.


The class area has 8 tables, ergonomic chairs and several shelves to store the students work. This space can comfortably accommodate up to 20 people at a time. It is very well lit with a network of led lamps.


All of the work tables have adjustable height, we also have easels for sculpture that can be bring close to the working area of those who use them.


We have 3 electric kilns (60, 70 and 150 liters capacity), 7 potters wheels (2 sitting and 5 portable ones) a slab roller machine, spray booth, glazing gun and compresor.  Most of the machinery we work with are Rohde and Shimpo brands.


Check out the different options that we can offer you if you decide to rent a workspace with us.