Creative Porcelain

With Trinidad Contreras

Porcelain is one of the most exclusive and with more character clays, which requires care, concentration and technique when you work it.


  • 12 hour course (2 sessions of 6h per day):

6th of April and 7th of April
Saturday and Sunday

  • from 9:00 to 15:00 h


  • Course €180 *

*all the materials and firings are included in the price.

Methods and learning

• We will focus the work on possible jewels although the intention is not to leave with finished pieces. It is preferable to play and to get to spontaneous forms and texture through fresh exercises;

Day 1:

  • Presentation
  • Introduction to slipcasting technique
  • Mold making
  • Preparation of porcelain

Day 2:

  • Theory and talk about the concept which every student will choose and
  • Slipcast the pieces using molds provided by the teacher and put into practice the cutting, assembling, texturing and painting
  • Project the concept into the work according to the desire of each student
  • Glazing
  • Clean up and prepare the pieces for drying
  • Presentation and photos of the works


  • Offer you a basic vision about slipcasting, applications and technical solutions
  • Get to know the techniques of porcelain working, learn about the  proper finishings and how to apply them to your work
  • Make the most of porcelain for monofiring
  • Learn to manipulate the material through a series of exercises, playing with the shape, color and an idea.


  • You will bring several objects that you want to reproduce in the course and we will choose one.
  • The objects must be symmetrical, not very porous, preferably made from plastic, glass or metal and not exceed 5 cm maximum height /width.
  • Designed for students with or without knowledge of jewelry or ceramics, we will use practical resources for assembling the pieces.
  • Classes are formed with a group of minimum 3 to 10 people.