2021 Ceramics Summer Programme

Take your ceramics experience to a new level this summer!


2021 Ceramics Summer Programme is designed to empower you as a ceramic artist, to enrich your vision and elevate your skills to the next level.


Programme extends for 6 weeks


Create at your own pace while enjoying the freedom of 24/7 studio access.
From Monday to Friday you will meet daily with one of your 3 tutors whom will offer you support and direction by helping you to adapt ceramic processes to your skills level. You can make the most from their expertise and experience, helping you to widen and achieve your creative ambitions.


Submerged in an artistic and inspirational environment, sharing space and ideas with artists from all over the world, you will develop your projects from the beginning to the end, practising with functional pottery, conceptual installations or experimental sculpture using traditional and contemporary shapes. In a small group (taking into account regulated hygiene and safety measures) of intensive work sessions everyday, you will give your creativity a boost, building confidence and skills along with your ceramic creations. Artists of all levels of experience are welcomed.
By making ceramics your everyday routine you will experience living as a full time artist and you will have a glimpse of what it takes to run a ceramics studio.


2-hour Classes every week – Achieve mastery in making, decorating and firing techniques.
The programme includes a 2-hour class every week focused on evolving your skills in wheel throwing, hand building, and surface design. Lessons may include using slip, underglaze and terra sigillata for different decoration and finishing techniques.


Raku Firing
You will take part in a raku fire. For this occasion we will be visiting the 137º outdoor studio, located 45 km distance from the city, and we will spend the day outside, experimenting with this popular firing technique where the fire and smoke come together to create unique patterns and designs.

137º Ceramic Art Studio offers access to a variety of different firing methods: 3 electric kilns, 1 gas kiln, 1 raku kiln and pit and smoke firing. Our premises consists of a 300 square meter studio in Barcelona and a 45 square meter studio on the outskirts of Sant Celoni surrounded by the Montnegre and Montseny mountains. Both our indoor and outdoor premises house plenty of room for everybody to work freely to develop their projects. For pictures and a full list of equipment you can click here.


2021 Ceramics Summer Programme includes:
• a talk with the artist Raluca Buzura about her experience and tips on how to succeed professionally in the ceramic world. Working as ceramic jewelry creator for over 12 years, her work has been shown by publications such as New Necklaces by Nicolas Estrada (cover), Metalsmith Magazine, Vogue Japan and has been awarded with the following prizes: Autor Awesome Award (2018), Collectiva Meeting Award (2018), Faire Magazine Award (2018), Joya Barcelona Award (2019) and a gold medal in the International Design Award (2020)
• a visit to the Design Museum in Barcelona
• a visit to Argentona’s Ceramics museum (Museu del Càntir)
• a visit to Ceramica Collet premises in Esparraguera, ceramic materials maker and provider


At the end of your programme at 137º Ceramic Art Studio we offer you the possibility to exhibit your pieces within our premises in Barcelona.


We recommend you to book the entire 6 week programme, at a time when is possible. If your availability is shorter, you can book the programme on a weekly basis.

  • Schedule

  • 6 weeks

    JULY 5th 2021 – AUGUST 13th 2021


    – 24 x 7 access to the studio


    – Meet one of your tutors once a day  (from Monday to Friday)


    – Weekly class – 10:00 to 12:00 every Monday


    – The meeting with Raluca Buzura, the visits to Design Museum, to Museu del Càntir and to Cerámica Collet premises are to be scheduled at the beginning of the 2021 Ceramics Summer Programme*


    * You cannot make up for any missed weekly classes, the raku firing, the meeting with Raluca Buzura and the visits to museums, they should be attendend when announced.

  • Price

  •  € 3.200 – the whole program (6 weeks)


     € 780 – 1 week program


    The price includes:

    • – clay: stoneware (PRAI and PRAF) and terracotta (PF)
    • – the usage of studios glazes and underglazes
    • – the usage of all the studio’s machinery and tools
    • – the dialogue session with Raluca Buzura
    • – the entrances to the Design Museum and to Museu del Càntir
    • – the transportation fares to the Sant Celoni premises and back, for the raku firing

    Does not includes:

    • – meals and accommodation
    • – the firing of your pieces (to be calculated and paid separately)
    • – the transportation tickets

How it works:

  • Once you subscribe to the programme we will invite you to an interview in order to understand your skill levels and decide your aims together
  • During your staying you will have access to all the necessary equipment to work in wheel throwing, hand building and decoration
  • Outside the classes you will work independently and we’ll provide assistance, direction and help

Submition deadline:



Cancellation Policy:


  • In case of cancellation by the studio you will be refunded 100%
  • 75%  will be refunded for cancellation made in writing by June the 4th
  • 50% will be refunded for cancellation made in writing by June the 18th
  • No refund or credit available after June the 18th


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