Ceramic Classes in Barcelona

Ceramic classes in Barcelona

Located in the multicultural city of Barcelona, the 137° studio offers both long-term courses, intensive courses and workshops. We teach a wide variety of techniques and our programs work for all levels. The small class size allows instructors to give individual attention to each student.

Teachers Dalia Sofronie and Manuel Estévez, alongside resident artists and guest teachers, provide advanced and personalized tutoring. In addition, all of the materials, professional tools and infrastructure are all at your disposal.

* Our long-term ceramics courses include additional hours of free practice time in the studio.

* We will waive the enrollment fee if you decide to join a long-term course after participating in a workshop.




We offer some of the best ceramic classes in Barcelona because we are passionate about what we do!


Ceramics teaches us patience and dedication. The more you learn, the more you will feel inspired to experiment and build your skills and techniques. New ideas continue to rise asking you to bring them to fruition.

Can’t decide which ceramics classes you want to take? Or you want to attend more than one course at a time? We’ll offer you a 15% discount on your second class.


Additionally, if you’re enjoying the skills you’ve acquired in class and want to take them to the next level, you can purchase a workspace in our studio with 24×7 access.