3 hours Workshop

Ceramic Goddesses

Teacher Mónica Moreno

Ceramic Goddesses

– 3 hour course –


Ceramic goddesses course – reviews:


”The workshop is a welcoming invitation to connect with the Goddess who manifests in that meditative moment, with youurself, with your expressing creativity. Monica guides and helps you, creating this meeting place, and giving you practical tools to create your Goddess. Really a very beautiful experience. Thanks Monica for making this place possible.”

Anna Maria (Barcelona)


“In my case, I came with very little experience in ceramics and also in meditation, and I really enjoyed the whole process. Monica is a very good guide, she shows you the options and she join you through the whole process until you manage to bring your  goddess to life.”

Amaia (Barcelona)

  • A special time to reconnect with your feminine essence and your creativity, where you will be able to create a meaningful unique piece.
  • Make your own ceramic Goddess sculpture in this two and half hours workshop. No previous experience is necessary.

  • 3 hours workshop:

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    please send us your inquiry and we will organize the workshop once we have at least 4 people subscribed

  • Price

  • Course 50€ *


    *all materials and firings included in the price

How are we going to work:

  • We will begin with a short guided meditation to connect with the Goddesses and with the creative process.
  • Afterwards, we will learn a bit about the clay, tools, and techniques.
  • Then we will start modeling the goddesses. I will be watching all the process, guiding you and helping those who need any help. Once finished we will proceed to paint them using slip, underglazes or oxides.
  • Later we will let them dry for some days until they can go to the kiln. The drying and firing process can take between one and two weeks. I will let you know when they are ready so you can come and pick them up.

Note that:

  • No previous experience is necessary.
  • Classes are formed with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 people to guarantee a personalized service.
  • All the materials and tools that your creative process may require will be provided.
  • If requested, we also offer the course as an individual class (please ask about prices and availability).
  • When the workshop is finished you can continue taking other classes with Mónica or check the ongoing classes we offer in the studio.


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