Continuous Course

Wheel Throwing Classes

Teacher Manuel Estévez

Wheel throwing Classes in Barcelona from October 1st to June 30th. Our continuous courses consist of 1 weekly 2hr class, plus 2 hours of individual practice time before your class.

Make the most of these wheel throwing classes if you are in Barcelona for a longer period of time. The wheel is a very important tool for every potter!


Throwing is a process that requires concentration and technique and offers great satisfaction in seeing how the clay comes to life in your hands.


We are very proud of our students’ creations. Visit our Instagram and Facebook pages and see what they’re up to.


  • Choose from:


    Monday 7:00 – 9:00 pm
    Wednesday 7:00 – 9:00 p.m

    Thursday 11:00 a.m – 1:00 p.m


    Because of the late hours of this course, practice hours can be done only before the class.

  • Price

  • Long term membership (minimum one month):

    Enrollment fee 50€  (Only paid once)

    Monthly fee 115€ *


    Short term membership:

    4 sessions package € 160 (valid for 8 weeks starting with the first class)

    Occasional participation in 1 class € 50


    *Class prices include materials, firings and the use of infrastructure and machinery

How we work:

In this course you will become familiar with basic wheel throwing techniques. Starting with the construction of small pieces, you will learn how to center and work up to 2 kilos of clay.

You can:

  • throw and trim cylinders/cups/bowls from small to large
  • make a tea set or mugs

We recommend that you use the extra practice hours in the studio to work on the skills you learn in class.

Note that:

  • The course program is progressive, depending on the level of demand and complexity that the student needs.
  • We recommend that you continue for at least one year, but two years of classes are preferable to work on wheel throwing independently in your own studio
  • Subscriptions are open all year and you can start the course whenever you want
  • No previous experience is necessary
  • We offer personalized tutoring to each student: when you join our studio, we’ll arrange an interview to assess your experience level and set goals.
  • The practice hours in the studio are not recoverable, they are to be used during the indicated schedule.
  • You pay one enrollment fee regardless if of you take one or more courses.
  • Classes are comprised of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 7 people to ensure a personalized service.
  • We provide you with all the materials and tools you may need for your creative process, this also includes work clothes.
  • You may also be interested in our workshops or our hand building course. You get a 15% discount on the second course if you sign up at the same time.


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